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How to get noticed as a new coach or consultant and attract the right clients

3 simple steps to boost client flow and build the business of your dreams

In this article, I promise to give you one big secret that you can start implementing in your coaching or consulting business today. This big secret will help you become aware of the trap that many new coaches and consultants fall into and how to avoid it. 

In knowing what to avoid you can step out of the shadows. Attract high-end clients and start building the coaching or consulting business of your dreams. Earn a 6-7 figure income.  

This is my first article in an article series for coaches and consultants. This series gives you valuable insights from my research on building a strong coaching and consulting business. This will help you stand out from the crowd of all the other highly qualified coaches and consultants.

If this sounds good to you, please read on…

All eyes on me

Let me tell you a story to highlight this one big secret. 

It was a beautiful summer morning. The sky was blue. The lawn was bright green. The Danish flag that according to the legend fell from the sky during a battle in the year 1219 was up. The red and white colors fluttered in the light Nordic summer breeze. The reception tables were decorated with white tablecloths and a single red rose in a small vase in the middle. The kitchen was buzzing to get ready with canapés and bubbles for the reception. Murmuring voices in the corridors were full of anticipation. 

I grabbed the speech from my desk in the corner office. 

“Are we all set?” I asked the AV guy on the way to the assembly hall.

“Let us just test your mike,” he said.

We walked outside across the green lawn and into the great assembly hall. The hall was full of chairs all lined up for the big event. The podium was decorated with flowers along the edges.

“Nice job,” I said to the crew.

I put on my headset and turned it on.

“All good?” I asked in the mike. “Can everyone hear me?”

Heads nodding. Thumbs up from the back of the hall. 

An hour later the assembly hall was full. All the seats were taken. I got up from the VIP row next to the stage and went up to the podium. The cue cards for my speech were at the podium. I was ready to give the big graduation speech. 

I looked at the great big audience. All 1000 pairs of eyes on me in quiet solemn anticipation. I gave the audience a big smile and began my speech.

Let me pause my story here for a moment. 

I had gotten to this point in my career in Denmark through years and years of study. Hard work. Gained valuable experience. Shared my experience and research in books, articles, and interviews. Gave training and consulting services. Spoke at conferences. Published 5 books. Consistently delivered high-quality expert knowledge in international learning methods. I was a very well-known name in my niche. 

Through my career, I had built credibility in the shape of: 

Building a new business 

In January 2019 I chose to follow my heart. I left everything I had in Denmark and headed to America with my new American husband and anything I could fit in one big suitcase.

Starting all over in my new country has been both exciting and challenging. Building a new business from scratch. After many years spent in grey boxes working long hours, it was time to pursue my dreams of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Having the freedom of working remotely. Being able to travel and experience the world.

And I want to be honest with you. This transition from well-known to completely unknown has not been easy. But I have learned some very valuable lessons along the way that I want to share with you.

I want you to avoid some of the mistakes I made at the beginning of building my new business as a copywriter and business coach.

3 reasons new coaches and consultants fail

In researching this article, I came across an interesting piece in the Harvard Business Review. The title caught my eye. It was “3 reasons new coaches and consultants fail.”

In the article, Dorie Clark presents some dark facts from the International Coach Federation (ICF). According to ICF, the average coach makes an annual income of $51,000. Which is far from the 6-7 figure income that top coaches and consultants easily make.

One of her key points as to why new coaches and consultants fail is that they are not reaching out to people. They are not letting people know that they have started a new business. 

The other key point is that they are more preoccupied with their own interests as experts. Rather than focusing on their client’s needs.

Reading Clark’s article made it clear that I had made some of the same mistakes as other new coaches and consultants.

I had put thousands of business cards in people’s mailboxes. I had made ads on craigslist and Groupon. But I had very little return on investment from all my efforts.

I got curious

I started wondering what was wrong. Why was I not having the success I wanted? 

I have all these great credentials. All this valuable experience. All my previous successes in writing and publishing. A lot of experience as a well-known keynote speaker at all these conferences in Denmark. All this impactful knowledge as a learning expert, business coach, and copywriter. 

Then I joined Joshua Boswell’s Copywriter Marketer Master’s Program. I started diving into the marketing strategies of the program. And then it dawned on me.

I had not been using the right platform to market myself!

I had not been showing the value of my business in the right place! Craig’s List, mailboxes, and Groupon were not going to help me!

Furthermore, I had not been expanding my network in my new country. It didn’t do me any good to be reputable and have 1000 connections on LinkedIn in Denmark when I wanted to do business in the US.

Once I saw it, it was just so obvious! 

I couldn’t believe I had been so blind!

So, my fellow coach and consultant. I don’t want you to make the same mistake as I did. The big secret I have learned is to –

Get out there where your ideal clients are and…

Let people know what you are doing and how you can fulfill their needs

Step out into the spotlight! 

Reach out to people. Tell people about your business. Relate to them. Make connections. Let them get to know you. Remember people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Show them the great positive changes your service or product will make in your client’s life. Show them the great benefits you have to offer them!

It is really that simple. And it is working for all the other well-known coaches and consultants that are making 6-7 figure incomes today. If they can do it, you can do it.

3 simple action steps you can implement today

If you are a coach or consultant, chances are that your ideal clients are on LinkedIn.

1.     Reach out to people within your network. A lot of people. Building your network is key right now. Let them know about your business and what great benefit you have to offer to them. Send them a message like:

“Hey… I’m excited to tell you that I recently launched my new coaching/consulting business for [insert your ideal client or industry]. If you or anybody you know might be a good fit, please keep me in mind. I’m always looking for great clients to work with.” 

2.     Expand your network within your target audience. Make daily targeted connection requests on LinkedIn or other platforms where your ideal clients are spending time. Interact with people on LinkedIn. Like and comment on their posts. Let people get to know you. Don’t assume they will find you.

3.     Show your ideal clients the great value you provide through small free samples. Show them the positive impact you can add to their life as their coach or consultant. Show them that you are the expert you claim to be. An easy way to do this is by publishing compelling content consistently. Blog posts, articles, memes, etc. Your ongoing posts will show your ideal client that you clearly are the solution provider he/she has been looking for.

If you start implementing these 3 simple steps today you cannot help but start getting noticed by your ideal clients. Once people know what you are doing and how you can solve their problems it will inevitably boost your client flow. This will help you build the coaching or consulting business of your dreams.

As a copywriter, I help coaches and consultants create consistently compelling content. They appreciate that I relieve them from the writing task. This allows them to focus on the things they do best as expert coaches and consultants.

If it sounds like I could help you too, feel free to reach out. Send me an email and let’s talk about how I might be able to help you.

About Sophie H Higgins, MA, MBA, MBC: I’m a freelance copywriter, professional speaker, business coach, and martial artist. I specialize in providing high-quality content and in helping people and businesses grow. Need a copywriting magician? 🧙‍♀️ 📖 ⚡As a copywriter and business coach, I can help you and your coaching or consulting business boost your client flow.

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