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How to throw some magic in your copywriting to boost client flow

3 points of view from martial arts can expand your view 

Have you ever experienced a profound change in perspective?

A change that makes you see the world and your surroundings in a new and different light? 

If you are someone who is continually striving to learn and grow, I’m sure you will find this #1 thing that can boost your client flow extremely fascinating.

This article is the third in my series about applying concepts and principles from martial art in your copywriting.  

Today I want to share an AHA moment I had that made me see my world and surroundings in a new light.

To me, the insight I’m about to share with you about how to utilize the 3 points of view from the Magician of Motion was a total game-changer for me.

Not only a game-changer in the way I approach a combat situation. But a game-changer in the way I view copywriting and interactions with prospects. 

If you are satisfied with your current client flow, you can skip this article. But if you are curious and want to learn about how to:

●      focus your efforts 

●      boost your response rates 

●      increase your impact on possible prospects 

Then please read on.

The #1 thing to boost the impact of your copywriting

Let me tell you a story to highlight this #1 thing.

At the beginning of my journey with martial art, I was very focused on learning the specific sequence of movements. Movements that blocked a specific attack and the follow-up motion that would counterattack the opponent. 

I was focused on that specific series of motions that I had learned to defend against a right punch or a right kick. “After the block, the kick follows, and then the chop”

At a seminar, I met an instructor that completely changed my view on these sequences of motion. I knew the sequences. I had repeated them over and over until the point of complete muscle memory. 

The instructor that completely changed my view of martial art, Mr. Higgins, said: “ok do the technique on me.”

I was assuming that I knew exactly how that was going to play out. All confident in myself I replied: “Oh yeah, I know that one.”

He threw the punch. I blocked. 

“I got this.” I thought to myself.

But then something happened that threw a wrench in my assumptions. 🔧

He blocked my counter. 

“Now what?” 

At that moment I was frozen. ❄️

Then Mr. Higgins said: “Ok what does your knee see?” 🤔

“Oh, I never thought of that,” I replied.

He continued: “All your weapons have a point of view, not only your eyes”

All of a sudden, the penny dropped. 🤠

“My knee can see your groin. My feet can see your shin and instep. And my elbow can see your ribcage.” I said with a big smile on my face.

Mr. Higgins said: “Mr. Parker always told us to anticipate, never assume”

And then he continued telling a story.

“This lesson is about Mr. Parker’s 3 points of view in any combat situation.”

Mr. Higgins continued: “Imagine you are meeting an opponent at a street corner. One point of view is your view looking at the opponent. The other point of view is the opponent’s view of you. And within that is the point of views of your weapons and targets and your opponent’s weapons and targets.”

And then he added: “and then there is the friend around the corner with a baseball bat. That is why you need to consider the third point of view. Looking at the whole situation from a helicopter perspective.” 🚁

Magician of Motion

In “Secrets of the Magician of Motion – Ed Parker” Mr. Parker said: 

“We never take the time to take his (the opponent’s) position to see what opening exists,” he said.” At the time I’m executing a move, what could he hit back with? Also, could a spectator see an additional thing that could occur, but you can’t because you’re too close to the subject?” 

“Secrets of the Magician of Motion – Ed Parker” by John Corbet, Black Belt Magazine, July 1979 

And that was when it dawned on me.

This also applies to copywriting!

Just like in the combat situation where there is me looking at the opponent. The opponent looking at me. And then the view of the bystander or the guy looking at the situation from above in the news helicopter.

In copywriting the exact same approach can be applied! 

Be crazy curious! 

And that brings me to the #1 thing that will increase your client flow.

The #1 thing is to be crazy curious! 

Be a non-judgmental observer of your market situation. 🕵

Take out your magnifying glass and inquisitively investigate these 3 points of view:

🔎 Your point of view

🔎 Your prospects point of view

🔎 your competitors’ point of view

3 simple questions you can ask to each of these 3 points of view

🔎 Your point of view

1.     Who is your target audience and what are their specific wants and needs?

2.     How does your service solve their specific problems, wants, and needs? 

3.     What makes your value proposition a unique solution to your target audience?

🔎 Your prospects point of view

1.     When your prospects are looking at you, what do they see? How do you know?

2.     What do they see that you don’t?

3.     If you don’t know, how can you find out?

🔎 your competitors’ point of view

1.     What do your competitors see when they look at your service? How are you similar and how are you different within your competitive environment?

2.     How do you stand out when you look at the way you present your service compared to them?

3.     When you look within your competitive environment. What can you learn from what they do or don’t do? What can you learn from them?

When you are crazy curious and continually willing to learn and grow, your service is bound to expand. Use the 3 points of view on your copywriting. When you ask questions, and you are open and willing to learn from the answers, it never fails to boost your client flow.

May the client flow be with you!

I would be thrilled to help you find the answers to these questions and be your best version of yourself. 

Why not let me swing my magic wand over your copywriting?

About Sophie H Higgins, MA, MBA, MBC: I’m a freelance copywriter, professional speaker, philosophical business coach, and martial artist. I specialize in providing high-quality content and in helping people and businesses grow. Need a copywriting magician? 🧙‍♀️ As a copywriter and business coach, I can help you and your consulting business achieve your goals.

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