How To Easily Test Your Really Helpful Online Education Topic!

Helping people transform their lives is essential for having a meaningful and profitable online course. The change your audience desires can be from starting a business, losing weight, reducing stress, crafting something, coaching executives, making a new living by doing x, y, or z, improving sales… The list goes on and on.

All course seekers have one major thing in common. They all want to get from their current reality, Point A, to their desired future, Point B, as best they can. If they already knew how to get to Point B they wouldn’t be searching for a course, right?

Almost everybody shares the need for lifelong learning. Growth is a primary human drive along with our need for safety and belonging.

To create a meaningful and profitable online course we need to ensure that we fill a gap and fulfill the desired transformation in our audience. We also want to make sure that people trust that we are the right guide for them. Once they feel that we are the right guide for them, the next step is to reassure them that they will get the transformation they desire better and faster than if they went somewhere else.

To build trust with our audience we want to make sure that we give people the opportunity to relate to us personally. It builds trust that we show our audience that we are ‘LIKE KIND’ and that we have found a way to overcome their current challenges. Once they feel safe that we have walked a similar path from Point A to Point B safely and successfully, they will want to join us and have us guide them through the process.

Once your audience KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you, they will want to hear how you can help them more specifically get the outcome they desire. This is when you give them the steps and the logical facts to ensure that their gut feeling about you as a trustworthy guide is accurate.

By the end of week 1 in my new online course, you will know:

  • What unique combination of talents, background, and experience makes you the perfect transformational guide your audience is looking for?
  • What is their burning desire that you can help them achieve based on your unique background and experience?
  • What will your audience be able to do differently after taking your course?
  • How do you invite your audience to relate to you as a trustworthy guide?
  • How to formulate your really helpful hot transformational course topic
  • How to test your course headline and make sure your topic is something many people are searching for

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Here is what people say…

Sophie is a brilliant educator and course creator. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her and what she brings to the table is unlike any other resource I’ve seen. Her background in education is perfect for figuring out how to present deep learning that’s engaging for the audience. What’s the point of an online course if it’s not interesting, right? More than just a place to film an online course, Sophie’s ability to help craft the best possible version of the course is unmatched. I’m so glad I know Sophie.

Michael Liebowitz, CEO, Magnetic Mind Studio

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Sophie Higgins – MA, MBA, MBC: I help experts create meaningful online courses with real impact. An online course should be a well-crafted, inspirational, and empowering learning experience. So, your unique wisdom can make a real difference in the learners’ life AND allow you to live the life of your dreams. 

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