3 Reasons Why You Should Bother To Beta Test Your Online Course

Creating a meaningful and profitable online course is a process. There are many things to do, from getting clear on your idea, making the content, and having your program ready online for a successful launch. I know that it can be quite a challenging process. You might even wonder if it is worth your time and money investment. 

On the other hand, you probably also know that a successful online course can help you serve more people, allow you to duplicate yourself, and make a lot of money while you sleep.

This article gives you 3 reasons you should bother to beta test your online course. By the end of the reading, you will know how beta testing your online program can save you time and money and prepare your course for successful relaunches. 

Why is our course not selling?

Let me begin by sharing a brief example of why beta testing is an excellent solution to a common struggle among course creators. 

A little while ago, two course creators contacted me. They were both very frustrated because they had spent many hours creating their online course, and it was NOT selling. They wanted to know what to do to fix this problem and get their course to sell.

They asked: “Can you make our course sell?”

“Well…,” I said, “You could throw money into ads and marketing campaigns as a quick fix that might or might not work… but the right answer is to go deeper and ask the difficult question. Which is to ask WHY it is not selling… and honestly, that requires some serious investigation and deeper research.” 

As you can imagine, the two unhappy course creators looked very discouraged. One of them said: “Yea?… But we really don’t want to spend any more time or money on it.” 

An uphill battle when a course is DONE 

There is actually a logical reason for this way of thinking because once our brain thinks that a task is “done,” it is naturally not very receptive to suggestions or improvements. When the brain checks a task off as: “task completed,” it is ready for the next one. 

Because of this brain fact, you want to give and receive feedback while you are still a ‘work in progress.’ 

Want to save yourself some HEADACHE?

Another main point from research on learning is that when we know what success looks like and how to get there, we get better outcomes faster and easier. It is just like any type of learning. You can learn how to do it yourself, but you will get there sooner and save yourself some headaches with quality instruction from an expert who has walked the same path many times before.

That is why I recommend getting help from a course creation expert from the beginning of the course creation process. 

Remember to be PATIENT with yourself!

The third point is to be patient with yourself. Remember Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development. Vygotsky speaks of the zone of proximal development, meaning that if you have been performing as a beginner in something, jumping to top performance at once is too large of a leap. 

You have to work your way through the stages of the learning process to reach stellar performance. Take a moment to think about top athletes. Think about the 1000s of hours they have spent practicing getting to their current elite level of performance. 

I do martial arts. When I think about all the hours and years of training and practice, it took me to work from white to black belt. We all need the next attainable step in whatever we are learning in bitesize pieces. 

Make sure to get REAL feedback from your audience before you are ”DONE”creating your course

So, the big idea that will save you some headache when you create your online course is to make sure to beta-test your course and get feedback from your audience before you are DONE completing your course. 

Here are 3 reasons why it is a great idea to bother beta testing your online course because it will end up saving you time and money:

  1. When you beta-test your course, you will get direct hard evidence from your audience on whether or not you have a potential winning course topic if people sign up. Great! If they don’t, you can make your adjustments to ensure a better customer-market fit before having spent hours and hours filming and editing. 
  2. When you beta-test, you don’t have to have all the videos of your course ready upfront. With a live test launch, you can record while presenting. And you can edit and use this live footage as part of your evergreen product.
  3. When you beta-test, your brain is open to feedback because it knows it still is a ‘work in progress.’ You can make changes based on the questions and feedback you receive from your participants. Doing this will give you a clearer idea of where you need to make adjustments to your content and get testimonials for your relaunch. 

Summing up, beta testing your course is well worth the bother. It will likely save you time and money in the long run. You will get immediate feedback on your customer-market fit. You will save yourself the experience of recording a lot of material without knowing how it fits the needs of your audience. On top of that, your audience will give you direct feedback and testimonials you can use to improve your content while you are working on your course, AND your brain is open for feedback. 

If you are looking for help creating and beta testing your course, I have several options for you in my course creation support services. You can join my new online course, Create Meaningful Online Courses In 8 weeks And Grow Your Passive Income.

If you need more individual support, you are welcome to schedule a call and learn more about my premium offers and done-for-you course creation services.

Sophie Higgins – MA, MBA, MBC: I help experts create meaningful and profitable online courses with real impact. An online program should be a well-crafted, inspirational, and empowering learning experience. So, your unique wisdom can make a real difference in the learners’ life AND allow you to live the life of your dreams. 

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