Boost Your Online Presence and Grow Your Business in 2023 with Online Courses, Workshops, and Events!

In 2022, I analyzed the lead generation for my business to help me set priorities for 2023. As I suspected, the top three ways I generated leads were networking and referral business, LinkedIn-generated business, and online events. These methods are relatively inexpensive and effective for generating high-quality leads, so it’s important to focus on what’s working well and continue doing those things.

Networking and referral business is the best way to generate leads. Happy clients and connections who know, like, and trust you are key to getting referrals. LinkedIn can also be an effective way to generate leads if you have a professional profile and consistently post valuable content. You can use LinkedIn to reach out to people, start conversations, and eventually schedule online meetings.

Online events, free mini-courses, and workshops are another great way to generate leads because they allow you to demonstrate your expertise in action. These events can help you stand out as the preferred industry expert in your field and add to your credibility.

If you missed my live workshop on Friday, December 30, you can still access the recording at this link:

During the workshop, I shared some simple steps for identifying your audience’s needs and creating a clear outline for your online events. I also discussed how your events, workshops, and online courses fit into your business’s financial model for 2023.

As a special bonus, I’m still offering The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint, which can help you create your own online course, workshop, or event more easily and efficiently. Feedback from the first reviews of my book and the blueprint has been overwhelmingly positive, with readers saying it helped them gain clarity, focus, and a clear action plan for growing their business with an online course.

You can get the paperback version of my book, “The Ultimate Course Creation Guide: How To Grow Your Business With An Online Course In 8 Weeks Or Less,” on Amazon for just $9.99. You can also order the eBook and the paperback and get free bonus content at

I hope you find this information helpful in boosting your online presence and growing your business in 2023!

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