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Improve Your Leadership and Boost Team Performance with Protreptic Leadership

Are you tired of struggling to get your top team to perform at their best? Do you want to improve your own leadership skills and make a positive impact on your team and organization? Our new corporate training program can help!

Introducing Protreptic Leadership: A 2000-year-old approach adapted for modern leadership challenges. Based on the method used at ancient Greek leadership academies, Protreptic Leadership provides practical tools for intentional communication and helps leaders grow awareness, resolve conflict, and remove roadblocks to improve team performance.

Protreptic Leadership was taught at the Greek Leadership Academies at the time of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates along with subjects such as ethics, politics, poetics, and rhetoric. The protreptic leadership approach has three main components similar to the three rhetorical appeals of logos, pathos and ethos brought into a modern leadership context to create a practical tool for leaders to learn for better team alignment and results.

This unique training program has been specifically designed to help top teams improve their leadership skills and drive better results. By learning to use the Protreptic approach, you’ll be able to:

Our program is led by experienced trainers who have successfully used the Protreptic approach in their own leadership roles. With their guidance, you’ll learn how to apply the method to your own leadership challenges and see real results.

Stefani Okamoto, Director, Global Learning and Development at Microsoft

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Interested in how Protreptic Leadership works?

In this video, you’ll see an example of a Protreptic Leadership conversation in action. The topic of discussion is leadership and how to define it. Our training program is based on an ancient Greek method that provides practical tools for conscious communication and helps leaders resolve conflict and remove roadblocks to success. In this conversation, you’ll see how the Protreptic approach can be used to explore and define leadership, as well as close the value gap, build trust and improve communication within a team, and drive better results. If you’re interested in enhancing your leadership skills and boosting team performance, check out our Protreptic Leadership training program.

Protreptic Leadership Conversation Example

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