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Sophie Higgins MA, MBA, MBC – Copywriter & Business Coach

You know how important it is to have great content on your website and social media! I can help your writing stand out from the growd, build your awareness around your brand and generate more leads.

My writing will help you improve your visibility and build your credibility on your website and social media.

Increased visibility and credibility will help you generate more leads and stand out from the growd.

With me you get an expert writer. I have a broad and deep writing experience. See my writing samples. I will also be happy to send you my information packet.

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I met Sophie on LinkedIn when I was looking for someone to write articles for one of my clients. After a brief Zoom call I quickly realized Sophie was much more than a copywriter. I invited Sophie to share her approach to copywriting and article writing with my mastermind group. Sophie blew us away with her structured approach to article writing and copywriting. She’s a fantastic teacher and her methodology is simple, but very powerful. A simple 4-step process helps you create articles that people want to read. I highly recommend connecting with Sophie and hiring her to help with your copywriting and articles.

— Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach

I worked with Sophie as an editor when she was writing her book. Sophie is professionally competent, extremely structured in her approach, eloquent, always keeping her deadlines and very open and positive. Her book was a great success.

— Sophie Ellgaard Soneff, Publisher