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I’m really excited about helping you achieve your business goals by helping you develop your writing skills. 

It is a great investment to enhance the impact of your blog posts and articles on social media. Better content increases your visibility and generates more leads.

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I also provide 1 to 1 coaching, group coaching, and feedback on your writing.

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My path to helping you grow your business

We all have a story that leads us to exactly where we are at today. Here you can see a little bit about mine and why I just LOVE learning and helping people and businesses grow.

“Sophie Higgins has created a content rich online course that teaches business owners step by step how to create powerful copy to gain more business. Each module is broken down into bite size chunks to make it easy to watch and implement the information. I highly recommend this course!”

— Lisa Poundstone, Mystic Manta

“Sophie was very professional and responsive. We collaborated on a submission. Her coaching style of questioning was helpful for me to uncover my characteristics that I needed to highlight as well as prompting me to provide better examples of my work and testimonials. Thankful to have guidance with this important task.”

–Ashley LaRocca

Sophie has been a great resource for creatively solving business problems through copywriting and coaching. I’ve gotten to know Sophie over the past several months. She is always contributing something useful to our copywriting program’s discussions. Sophie can research a topic, break it down, and then teach it back to some one. This is huge for a copywriter looking to explain the benefits of a product. Sophie’s powers of observation and ability to write attention-grabbing headlines are some of her copywriting strengths. If you are a consulting business, let Sophie supercharge your copywriting.

Charles Polanski, B2B writer