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Dear students! Perhaps you can remember back on your first day of school at Faaborg Gymnasium 3 years ago? 

I compared your anxious excitement on the first day of school with Harry Potter. Before his first day at school, Potter said:

“How can anyone expect great accomplishments from me? I know nothing about magic!” 

to which one of Harry’s teachers, Hagrid, replies: 

“All students start from the beginning; you have to learn quickly. Just be yourself”.

I would like to dwell on that statement. It contains an important theme that also affects our well-being as human beings today. Harry Potter says when he has to start at the wizarding school:

“How can anyone expect great accomplishments from me? I know nothing about magic!”

Harry Potter touches on something that we all know about. Expectations.

Expectations others have, or we think they have for us.

Expectations we can have for others.

And expectations we may have for ourselves.

These expectations – both the realistic and the more unrealistic – that we and others have for ourselves can, in the individualistic, technological, and globalized times we live in, give us opportunities and challenges.

In the past, we as humans were destined to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors. Suppose your father and grandfather were a knight or a rope maker. You would also become a knight or a rope maker yourself.

As human beings today, we are primarily left to ourselves. And to find our way in life. It is no longer given what we will become when we grow up.

On the one hand, this freedom from following in our parents’ footsteps gives us a great deal of individual leeway and independence to pursue our passion and dreams.

At the same time, the high and sometimes unrealistic expectations of our opportunities also give a sense of insecurity and pressure.

Young people are already met in primary school with grade requirements and restrictions to access different universities. They are met with an expectation that even before they leave primary school, they know what they want to be “when they grow up.”

I would like you to put this in your suitcase from today. 

I want you to remember that you all have something valuable to contribute – no matter what, you may meet societal and self-created expectations. Every day you can help make a difference by having the courage to be yourself and meet the world as open, curious, and open-minded as a child.

Let us make room for quiet contemplation. Happiness in life and work-life balance. A balance between dreams and responsibilities. Room for both city and country.

Dear students! Now you are about to get out in the big world on your own. You are about to stand on your own two feet. Remember to give your Stone Age brain lots of breaks. Put the phone away. Give yourself time to sit on a boulder. Stare out over the ocean around Faaborg, and let your thoughts fly!

Take some time to find your happiness in life. Unfold the one and beautiful life you have each been given!

Congratulations to you all!

With these words, I graduate the year 2018 from Faaborg Gymnasium!