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I help professionals and organizations create meaningful online courses and e-learning programs | Bringing out your unique wisdom into a well-crafted learning experience | Workshops | Leadership Training | Professional Speaker | Message me to learn how I can help you create an online course with real impact


I help professionals and organizations create meaningful online courses and content with real impact.

Online courses and workshops should be a well-crafted, empowering experience. So, your unique wisdom can make a real difference in the learners’ life. 

I’m your qualified LearnWorlds Expert and Thinkific Expert!

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“Remembering your own experience learning something new will help you keep it simple for your students.”

In this episode, Kevin sits down with Sophie H Higgins, author of ‘The Ultimate Course Creation Guide,’ to talk about how to grow your business with an online course in 8 Weeks or less. ‘The Ultimate Course Creation Guide,’ is available at

4 phases to create a meaningful online course that sells


✅ We schedule a call to see if we are a good fit
✅ We follow a step-by-step guided process to help you create a meaningful online course that sells
✅ We determine your audience needs, do market research, develop your financial model, clarify the course idea
✅ We create the storyboard/lesson plan, slides, learning materials to ensure an empowering learning experience for your audience
✅ We produce the online course or workshop
✅ We find the right learning management system and create an exciting customer experience funnel

In these podcasts, you can hear more about how and why it works to Turbo Your Business With An Online Course and get on The Course with Course Creation.

Started in 2020, “Peer Insights with Roz Huang” is my corner of conversations with Women Business Leaders, Advisors, Board Directors, masterminds to exchange insights, ideas, visions, tips, tools, etc. to connect, learn and inspire for a better world, stronger you.

It has been an amazing experience working with Sophie for my leadership course ” Mastering the Business Basics” Sophie’s expertise and system for course creation have proven to work well for busy senior business advisors and coaches like me. I am proud of completing my course, which will make an impact on women entrepreneurs’ journey.

Roz Huang, Founder and CEO of Dandelion Global & Co-Founder and CEO of Athena Music & Wellness Therapy
Susan Alden, Co-Founder of Mind Body Aloha Wellness

Get my book to help turn your passion into profit!

Get my course to guide you every step of the way as you create your meaningful and profitable online program!

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Public Speaking & Workshops

Are you a business professional looking to grow your brand and increase your online presence? Look no further than my public speaking and workshops! With over 20 years of experience in education and management, I am a thought leader in content marketing and have helped numerous clients achieve success with their online courses and build a strong reputation.

My recent guest speaking appearance at Debbie Bellengers Wellness Academy showcased my expertise in growing visibility and credibility through great online content. In this workshop, I share tips and strategies on why content marketing is more effective than traditional ads and other types of marketing, how to create high-quality content to build reputation and attract a following, and how to improve your own online presence.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from a professional who has grown her following from 900 to more than 10,000 followers on LinkedIn in less than two years. Contact me today to schedule a public speaking engagement or workshop for your organization!

Sophie Higgins speaking at Debbie Bellenger‘s Wellness Academy, April 2023.

Amanda Rankin, Copywriter and Marketer

Evan Mestman, The B3 Way to Wellness

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What Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI says about my book.

Like Sophie, education is my passion. The BNI Foundation supports children in education. Children represent 20% of the world’s population, but they are 100% of our future. To me, education is crucial, and it goes along with one of my favorite expressions:

“You may not be able to make a world of difference, but you can make a difference in the world.” 

Sophie and I share the emphasis on edutainment and applying what you learn. Theory is no good if you can’t apply it! You’ve got to entertain people while teaching them. If you lecture, people will go to sleep. You’ve got to tell stories, and you’ve got to bring the knowledge to life. Get them to DO the exercises so that they get engaged in learning.  

In The Ultimate Course Creation Guide, Sophie shows you how to develop a robust educational program in bitesize pieces. She helps you clarify WHO your audience is, WHAT challenges they have, and HOW you can help them transform their lives and get the desired outcome. When you look at your online program through the eyes of your audience, it is much easier to include WHAT they need to know and WHY, and then show them HOW to apply what they are learning.  

Sophie’s approach to course creation reminds me of a recent conversation with Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group. He said: “Any fool can make something complex. It’s the really smart person who simplifies it.”  

What I admire most about Sophie and her approach to growing your business with online courses is that she is a very experienced educator. Her practical experience shows in all her templates and guides throughout the book. Sophie wants you to be successful and build the business and life of your dreams. For example, she encourages you to see your online course as one of the tiers in the financial model for your business. If your audience wants more personalized help, you can offer your coaching and consulting services in addition to your online courses. I also like the way she recommends you repurpose your course content into books and articles to grow your visibility and build your credibility, which, when done with consistency, will lead to your profitability. 

I see that the future of face-to-face is online. The technology is advancing at such a rate into mixed reality, Metaverse, and 3D technology, that the future will be online. And because the future will be online, I highly recommend Sophie’s book and course creation support services if you want to embrace the future and grow your business with edutaining programs online.  

Ivan Misner, Ph.D.
Founder of BNI
New York Times Bestselling Author 

Get my book to help turn your passion into profit!

Get my course to guide you every step of the way as you create your meaningful and profitable online program!

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We make sure that your online course has an excellent customer-market fit and a well-crafted, empowering learning experience for your audience.

I have had this idea of developing an online course to help entrepreneurs write their business plan for years. Until I met Sophie, it was always just an idea. Sophie Higgins helped me take that idea and created a storyboard that we then developed the course from. Not only is Sophie brilliant at developing meaningful curriculum, she is knowledgeable with technology that actually saved me money and made everything look professional. She took me step by step from developing the program, creating the platform, and even marketing and pricing of the course. I would have never been able to do this on my own. I am tremendously grateful for Sophie’s expertise and dedication but most of all for her caring attitude.

Joann Seery, MBA, Serious Business Solutions

Wondering if you are ready to create your online course? If you enroll in my free webinar you get free access to my discovery questionnaire to check how clear you are about your course idea.

Testimonial from Jessica Fraser CPCC, PTS, HWL
Life and Transition Coach
Your Inner Vitality

Hear Joann Seery share her experience in working with me to help her develop her course idea
and turn it into reality after many years of being in her head.

Why I Love Helping Professionals Create Their Online Courses

Sophie Higgins, Mount Shasta, California

Get my book to help turn your passion into profit!

Get my course to guide you every step of the way as you create your meaningful and profitable online program!

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In January 2019, I chose to follow my heart. I left everything I had in Denmark and headed to America with my new American husband and anything I could fit in one big suitcase.

Starting all over in my new country has been both exciting and challenging. Building a new business from scratch. After many years spent in grey boxes working long hours, teaching, studying, publishing 5 text books, being a well-known speaker about improving learning outcomes, and being principal of a high school, it was time to pursue my dreams of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Having the freedom to work remotely and travel and experience the world.

And I want to be honest with you. This transition from a very well-known name with 20+ years of experience in the education industry in Denmark to a completely unknown in America has not been easy. But I have learned some valuable lessons throughout my journey that I want to bring to work for you. To me, learning is the pathway to freedom!


Read more about my course creation support services here and find the level of support that is right for you.

Reach out to me and let’s have a chat to see if we are a good match.


📲 754-715-0577. Hawaii Standard Time 🤙 


Get my book to help turn your passion into profit!

Get my course to guide you every step of the way as you create your meaningful and profitable online program!

Get my help to easily structure your program!

The Course to Course Creation – with Sophie Higgins
Sophie Higgins – Course Creator, Business Coach, and Freelance Writer
Sophie H Higgins
Sophie H Higgins MA, MBA, MBC


When I was considering hiring a course development course, the first thing I wanted was a depth of experience combined with a passion for people and learning, and I found all of that and more in Sophie! Not only does she help you with the content, course development, and the overall mechanics of creating an online course, she gives invaluable feedback from the lens of the “student” taking the course. I was able to refine and enhance my content in a way that will help the student through the desired transformation, which is the ultimate outcome of success for the student.

Beyond her depth of experience in education, business, and learning & development, Sophie is a wonderful human and was so much fun to work with because she brings her expertise and passion to the calls! Sophie cares about her clients and her work, and it shows in her ability to help people create courses that bring value to the learner.

I highly recommend Sophie to anyone looking to design and launch a personal or professional transformation course! She is AMAZING!

Faith Geiger, LMSW Executive Coach to Conscious Leaders | Workplace Mental Health & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist in Training | Workplace Culture & Employee Experience Consultant

Sophie is a brilliant educator and course creator
“Sophie is a brilliant educator and course creator. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her and what she brings to the table is unlike any other resource I’ve seen. Her background in education is perfect for figuring out how to present deep learning that’s engaging for the audience. What’s the point of an online course if it’s not interesting, right? More than just a place to film an online course, Sophie’s ability to help craft the best possible version of the course is unmatched. I’m so glad I know Sophie.”
Michael Liebowitz, CEO, Magnetic Mind Studio – Value Articulation and Communication Strategy

A fantastic teacher and her methodology is simple, but very powerful
“I met Sophie on LinkedIn when I was looking for someone to write articles for one of my clients. After a brief Zoom call I quickly realized Sophie was much more than a copywriter. I invited Sophie to share her approach to copywriting and article writing with my mastermind group. Sophie blew us away with her structured approach to article writing and copywriting. She’s a fantastic teacher and her methodology is simple, but very powerful. A simple 4-step process helps you create articles that people want to read. I highly recommend connecting with Sophie and hiring her to help with your copywriting and articles.”
Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach

Sophie Higgins has created a content rich online course
“Sophie Higgins has created a content rich online course that teaches business owners step by step how to create powerful copy to gain more business. Each module is broken down into bite size chunks to make it easy to watch and implement the information. I highly recommend this course!”
Dr. Lisa Thompson, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Galactic Ambassador, Intuitive Transformational Coach

Very knowledgeable on international learning methods
“Sophie Higgins was an obvious choice for us. Very knowledgeable on international learning methods. Highly recommended by her peers.”
– Jens Oddershede, Chair of the board, Former President of the University of Southern Denmark, Adjunct professor at University of Florida

Sophie is professionally competent, extremely structured and very open and positive
“I worked with Sophie as an editor when she was writing her book. Sophie is professionally competent, extremely structured in her approach, eloquent, always keeping her deadlines and very open and positive. Her book was a great success.”
Sophie Ellgaard Soneff, Editor Dafolo.

With Sophie, opportunities are always in the forefront of her mind
“Sophie’s greatest strength is that she is indomitable. With Sophie, the opportunities are always at the forefront of her mind. Obstacles are to be handled. For that reason, I will always give Sophie my very best recommendations.”
– Gunna Funder Hansen, CEO Sosu.

Very intelligent, great independent thinker, analytic, and has a great sense of humor
“What I admire most about Sophie is that she is very resilient. She can stay calm under pressure and stay positive no matter what. She is a very intelligent, great independent thinker, analytic, and has a great sense of humor. Good listener, polite and a huge heart full of love and passion”
– Peter Woltjes, Project Manager Horeca Bij PW Markets

Excellent copy for web pages and blogs
“As an editor of Dansk Noter, Sophie Higgins has renewed, rejuvenated the magazine. Turned it in a more practical direction. Made excellent copy for web pages and blogs. Her passion for Martial Arts makes me think of her as one of ‘Charlie’s Angels’”
– Jorgen Larsen, Chair of the board, Dansklaererforeningen.

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