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I help experts create meaningful online courses with real impact. Online courses should be a well-crafted, empowering experience. So, your unique wisdom can make a real difference in the learners’ life. 

Get my book to help you develop high quality e-learning programs for workforce development, online courses for your non-profit or your business to help you help more people and turn your passion into profit!

Get my course to guide you every step of the way as you create your meaningful and profitable online program!

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I help professionals create meaningful online courses and content with real impact for your clients and business.

If you are like most coaches, consultants, and other entrepreneurs you want to grow your business. My Online Course Creation Services are the answer. With an online course, you can:

  • share your talents and expertise with more people
  • strengthen your position as an industry expert
  • duplicate yourself to save time
  • generate revenue while you sleep


We make sure that your online course has an excellent customer-market fit and a well-crafted, empowering learning experience for your audience.


  • how I can help you create your types of online courses
  • how to make training videos on computer
  • how to make video training yourself


  • learn about done for you course creation
  • learn about content creation course
  • learn about all online course types
  • learn how to create training videos
  • learn how to develop your curriculum
  • learn how to identify your unique course transformation


I’ll be glad to discuss any pre-purchase concerns and explain my program in as much detail as you would like.


Let me put my unique background as an educator and learning consultant to work for you. I have created 10000’s of courses over the years. I have written 5 textbooks. I have given 100’s of speeches and run educational institutions. My focus is to help you get your excellence out into the world AND generate revenue while you sleep.

Get my book to help turn your passion into profit!

Get my course to guide you every step of the way as you create your meaningful and profitable online program!

Get my help to easily structure your program!

If you want to grow your consulting business and make more money, you need to produce more value and sell more services. This video explains why you need to create online courses, why now, and how much you can make.

It has been an amazing experience working with Sophie for my leadership course ” Mastering the Business Basics” Sophie’s expertise and system for course creation have proven to work well for busy senior business advisors and coaches like me. I am proud of completing my course, which will make an impact on women entrepreneurs’ journey.

Roz Huang, Founder and CEO of Dandelion Global & Co-Founder and CEO of Athena Music & Wellness Therapy
4 phases to create a meaningful online course that sells

The 4 Phases You Should Do To Create A Meaningful And Profitable Online Course

To create a meaningful and profitable online course there are 4 basic phases you want to go through.

The infographic shows you the 4 phases to help you get clear on your idea and ensure a good customer-market fit before you start producing any content and record your course.

Part of the first phase is also to do competitor research to help you make an informed decision about your pricing strategy and how to integrate your course into your business model.

You also want to consider the customer experience funnel for your course to make your course profitable for your business.

Remember you can do this!

As an expert, you have a unique combination of experience, talents, skills, background, and passion that nobody else has. You have something valuable to offer to your audience.

I would be happy to help you get your unique wisdom out into the world!

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I’m you vetted Thinkific and Learnworlds Expert.

Before you begin creating your online course I suggest you begin with the discovery questionnaire. The discovery questionnaire is part of the idea clarification phase. Answering the questions will help you clarify your course idea and your target audience and what your course will do for your business. Enroll in my free webinar to get your discovery questionnaire!

Thank you, Sophie! I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into this course. It’s a great value! All the resources are priceless. I now just have to put my head down and USE them!!!

Susan Alden, Co-Founder of Mind Body Aloha Wellness & Nrf2 Warrior
Jessica Fraser CPCC, PTS, HWL
Life and Transition Coach
Your Inner Vitality

Sophie is a brilliant educator and course creator
“Sophie is a brilliant educator and course creator. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her and what she brings to the table is unlike any other resource I’ve seen. Her background in education is perfect for figuring out how to present deep learning that’s engaging for the audience. What’s the point of an online course if it’s not interesting, right? More than just a place to film an online course, Sophie’s ability to help craft the best possible version of the course is unmatched. I’m so glad I know Sophie.”

Michael Liebowitz, CEO, Magnetic Mind Studio – Value Articulation and Communication Strategy
Walter Peters, Life Coach

Get The Free Step-By-Step Process Guide

When you enroll in my free webinar you also get the 4 Phase Step-By-Step Process Guide To Make A Successful Online Course.

I would never have been able to do this on my own

I have had this idea of developing an online course to help entrepreneurs write their business plan for years. Until I met Sophie, it was always just an idea. Sophie Higgins helped me take that idea and created a storyboard that we then developed the course from. Not only is Sophie brilliant at developing meaningful curriculum, she is knowledgeable with technology that actually saved me money and made everything look professional. She took me step by step from developing the program, creating the platform, and even marketing and pricing of the course. I would have never been able to do this on my own. I am tremendously grateful for Sophie’s expertise and dedication but most of all for her caring attitude.

Joann Seery, MBA, Serious Business Solutions
Hear Joann Seery explain how Sophie Higgins Course Creation Services helped her get the idea out of her head and making her online course a reality.

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How you can easily find your hot topic for your online course with Answer The Public

She has been a pleasure to work
Sophie is a lovely person who is engaging, lively, challenging and supportive in equal measure. Sophie trained in Visible Learning with me and we worked closely together as leadership consultants on turning impact data into action. These sessions were thoroughly enjoyable and memorable too. She is an ace presenter, knows her material with real depth and makes it accessible for teachers, coaches and leaders. I worked with Sophie’s school as a consultant; she was a forward-thinking Principal with clear direction and always prioritised systems to support professional learning. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sophie. She has been a pleasure to work with and I would be delighted to work with her again in the future when the opportunity arises.