What My Customers Are Saying

“I met Sophie on LinkedIn when I was looking for someone to write articles for one of my clients. After a brief Zoom call I quickly realized Sophie was much more than a copywriter. I invited Sophie to share her approach to copywriting and article writing with my mastermind group. Sophie blew us away with her structured approach to article writing and copywriting. She’s a fantastic teacher and her methodology is simple, but very powerful. A simple 4-step process helps you create articles that people want to read. I highly recommend connecting with Sophie and hiring her to help with your copywriting and articles.”

Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach

Sophie Higgins has created a content rich online course that teaches business owners step by step how to create powerful copy to gain more business. Each module is broken down into bite size chunks to make it easy to watch and implement the information. I highly recommend this course!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sophie was very professional and responsive. We collaborated on a submission. Her coaching style of questioning was helpful for me to uncover my characteristics that I needed to highlight as well as prompting me to provide better examples of my work and testimonials. Thankful to have guidance with this important task.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sophie is a highly skilled copywriter, and a magician with words. She always knows the right questions to ask to get the information she needs. She is a highly skilled researcher who knows how to dig deep. She is a professional at connecting the dots with all the information she obtains to write perfect copy. If you want the perfect blog post, newsletter, sales email, or web content then contact Sophie Higgins.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sophie has a great talent for seeing new opportunities. She is imaginative and quick to transform her ideas into real-life initiatives. She is also a skilled fundraiser, and, with her diligent work effort, she creates fast results. With Sophie, the opportunities are always in the forefront of her mind. Obstacles are to be handled. For that reason I will always give Sophie my very best recommendations.”

Gunna Funder Hansen, CEO

“Sophie is a lovely person who is engaging, lively, challenging and supportive in equal measure. Sophie trained in Visible Learning with me and we worked closely together as leadership consultants on turning impact data into action. These sessions were thoroughly enjoyable and memorable too. She is an ace presenter, knows her material with real depth and makes it accessible for teachers, coaches and leaders. I worked with Sophie’s school as a consultant; she was a forward-thinking Principal with clear direction and always prioritised systems to support professional learning. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sophie. She has been a pleasure to work with and I would be delighted to work with her again in the future when the opportunity arises.”

Martin Renton, Director of Consultancy and Evaluations at Challenging Learning 

Sophie Higgins was an obvious choice for us. Very knowledgeable on international learning methods. Highly recommended by her peers.

Jens Oddershede, Adjunct professor at University of Florida

Sophie has a completely unique ability to overcome and oversee many and complicated tasks AT THE SAME TIME. She is super well-structured and at the same time creative. A very rare combination! Sophie is more COURAGEOUS than most. She is not afraid to take the bull by the horns — or dive into the depths, even if it scares her. Sophie stands by her choices, and her choices are never made based on materialistic or conventional conditions. She has a very strong sense of direction and a great sense of humor.”

— Anne-Marie Nordtorp, Professor Emeritus, Sct. Knuds Gymnasium

Sophie has a great deal of energy and stamina to achieve her goals, and a broad curiosity for new learning experiences.”

Linda Keller Murphy, Architectural precision models

I have had the great pleasure of working with Sophie through 4 years. Sophie is a joy to work with always present and professional. Sophie is highly productive. She arranges courses. She is the editor-in-chief and photo editor for the magazine Dansk Noter published four times a year. She collaborates with the magazine editors from the other Nordic Native Language Associations. She is the author of articles and teaching aids. She participates in debates and discussions both in public and with other decision makers. Sophie is extremely diligent and works in a very structured way.”

— Charlotte Paaskesen, CEO DLF

Sophie’s personal qualities are many – she is listening, empathetic, has good collaboration skills, 
is independent, and innovative.She is open to ideas and initiatives, hardworking and energetic

Steen Hoffmann, Principal Sct. Knuds Gymnasium

“I worked with Sophie as an editor when she was writing her book. Sophie is professionally competent, extremely structured in her approach, eloquent, always keeping her deadlines and very open and positive. Her book was a great success in Denmark and helped many teachers and school leaders implement visible learning in Danish high schools.”

Sophie Ellgaard Soneff, Dafolo

“Sophie has been a great resource for creatively solving business problems through copywriting and coaching. I’ve gotten to know Sophie over the past several months. She is always contributing something useful to our copywriting program’s discussions. Sophie can research a topic, break it down, and then teach it back to some one. This is huge for a copywriter looking to explain the benefits of a product. Sophie’s powers of observation and ability to write attention-grabbing headlines are some of her copywriting strengths. If you are a consulting business, let Sophie supercharge your copywriting.”

Charles Polanski, Copywriter

“As an editor of Dansk Noter, Sophie Higgins has renewed, rejuvenated the magazine. Turned it in a more practical direction. She made excellent copy for web pages and blogs. Her passion for Martial Arts makes me think of her as one of ‘Charlie’s Angels.”

Jorgen Larsen, Chair of the board, Dansklaererforeningen

“What I admire most about Sophie is that she is very resilient. She can stay calm under pressure and stay positive no matter what. She is a very intelligent, great independent thinker, analytic, abd has a great sense of humor. Good listener, polite and a huge heart full of love and passion.”

Peter Woltjes, Project Manager Horeca Bij PW Markets