How To Write Catchy Headlines To Make The Best LinkedIn Posts

Pro Tips For High Leverage Content Writing To Boost Traffic

We know that a catchy headline is key! A great headline grabs people’s attention and makes them engage in our posts. And the more traffic we get on our content on LinkedIn, the more we and the value we offer are exposed to our ideal clients.  

But how do we actually make powerful headlines that drive a lot of traffic on LinkedIn? 

The answer to this question can be somewhat hidden in the haze. But not for much longer! 

In this article, I will give you one super effective headline template. With this formula, it will be easy for you to create your next compelling headline. 

If this sounds good to you, please read on.

Let me start with a short story to illustrate this one effective headline formula.

If this sounds good to you, please read on.

Let me start with a short story to illustrate this one effective headline formula.

I just love a good movie!

I have been binge-watching classic movies with my husband lately. And as I was thinking about this article and how to best illustrate how to write Catchy Headlines, my mind started wandering into some of these great movie experiences.

One particular movie just popped into my mind. 

In this movie, we follow the crew preparing for the Apollo 13 mission. The goal is to land on the surface of the moon once more.

Even though the movie is based on a historical mission, and with that in mind, most Americans know the outcome of the mission. The movie just sucked me in. I didn’t remember all the details in the events surrounding the Apollo 13 mission. 

I watched with apprehension all the drills that the crew had to go through to prepare for the mission and land on the moon. I followed the tension and competition between crew A and B. I got nervous by the fear of the wife of Jim Lovell (played by Tom Hanks), who is afraid something might go wrong on this mission. 

And at the last-minute change of the pilot in the crew, I said: “oh no!” 

I said: “They shouldn’t have done that?” 

I was sitting on needles. I sensed something dramatic was going to happen. 

The time for the launch came. Apollo 13 got launched into space. As the crew was approaching the moon, they were asked by the command center to perform a routine stir of the oxygen tank. And then the catastrophe happened…

Houston, we have a problem…

Let me pause the story here. This phrase has become iconic.

It is one of those phrases that is just etched into the minds of millions of people. 

When we look at this phrase from a headline perspective, it has the qualities that characterize a great headline. It evokes a sense of urgency. It has a high level of emotion. This problem is a matter of life and death for the astronauts. The message is clear and specific. It is directly targeted to the Houston Command Center. 

The statement also demands immediate action of the support team on the ground to help solve the problem, find a solution and bring the crew home safely. 

This discovery made me want to do a little “unscientific” research of my own articles and blog posts on LinkedIn. 

🔎 Could I find the same pattern? 

I did some research on the structure of the headlines in my articles and the first sentence in my blog posts on LinkedIn. Only articles and posts that had generated more than 120 engagements on my profile on LinkedIn were included. And I found something exciting that I want to share with you. 

I found that the headlines of my articles and blog posts that generated the most traffic followed a specific formula.

Let me illustrate this formula through a specific example: 

·      How to get noticed as a new coach or consultant and attract the right clients

As I was examining this headline and looking at other winning headlines, it dawned on me. These headlines all have something in common…

A great headline has a specific problem, and it points to the solution 🔍

This leads me to a formula that I use and that you can put into practice right away to make your headlines generate the most traffic. The formula is: 

How to _____ (fix client problem) that will help you ____ (find a solution)

If you use this formula, chances are that your headline will drive more traffic. It certainly has for me. 

On top of that, the exercise of really identifying a relevant problem to write about in your content and figure out the solution to that problem will benefit the clarity and relevance of your LinkedIn Posts.

3 action steps

The headline formula can be broken down into 3 action steps you can take to create catchy headlines that generate more traffic. I suggest that you ask yourself: 

1.     What is a specific main problem your ideal clients are struggling with? What is urgent to your client? Put yourself in your clients’ shoes 👣. What is his or her emotional pain point?

2.     What is your solution that will help the client solve his or her problem? Is it clear, compelling, and actionable?

3.     Use the formula to create your headline: How to _________ (fix client problem) that will help you_______ (find a solution).

If you follow these 3 action steps you will create catchy headlines and generate more traffic. You will experience more clarity on compelling problems to write about and solutions that solve pain points for your ideal client. This will evoke a sense of urgency and relevance for your ideal prospect to engage in your content. 

This article is the second in a new series with Pro copywriting tips for high-leverage content writing to boost traffic. 

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