Podcast 103 | The Course to Course Creation – with Sophie Higgins

Sophie Higgins is a course creator and business coach specializing in helping experts, coaches, and consultants develop meaningful and profitable online courses. Sophie has over two decades of experience in the education and learning industry. Before starting her journey as an entrepreneur and business coach, Sophie served as the CEO and Principal of the Faaborg Gymnasium and as the Head of Department at the Nyborg Gymnasium. In addition to her work as a coach, Sophie serves as the National Director of Online Education at H6FIT Inc., a wellness and fitness platform. 


Sophie joins us today to share her philosophy on creating successful online courses. She outlines how coaches can transition from working with clients to developing online courses. She discusses learning management systems and lists the coaching niches that have the highest demand for online courses. Sophie also highlights the best time to create online courses to enhance your business and underscores the importance of having an online course launch strategy.

Be clear on what makes you unique as a transformational guide, then match that with your audience and what they’re trying to achieve.

Sophie Higgins

This week on Profit for Coaches

  • Sophie’s four-step process for creating online courses
  • Challenges to watch for when creating online courses for the first time
  • Conducting market research for your online courses
  • What it means to have an excellent client-market fit
  • The FREE profitable practice scorecard!

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