How to tap into the power of abundance to create business success

3 daily routines to develop a winning mindset 

A successful coaching or consulting business thrives on your mindset. 

Today I want to share 3 daily routines you can start implementing right away to keep nurturing your winning mindset. 

When you use empowering beliefs actively in your life, you will succeed. 

This article is the third in my series for coaches and consultants, where I share insights from my research and experience to help you thrive and succeed. 

In this article, I want to tell you how you can tap into the power of abundance and create the changes you want to see in your consulting business.

If this sounds good to you, please read on.

The power of belief

First, I want to share a story to illustrate the power beliefs have on our success in life. 

It is the classic fairytale of Blockhead Hans by the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. In the story, the princess has just announced that she will marry a man who can speak well for himself.

Blockhead Hans is the youngest brother of three. His two older brothers are both very well educated and have refined manners. One brother knows the encyclopedia forwards and backward. The other brother knows all about the law. They both decide that they want to try their luck with the princess. Their father gives them each a fine horse to ride to the castle to see if they can win the princess. 

Blockhead Hans sees them sitting at their fine horses; all dressed up. He asks: “Where are you going?” 

The fathers say: “Your brothers are going to the castle to present themselves to the princess. She wants to marry a man who can speak well for himself.” 

Blockhead Hans replies: “I want to go too. I want to marry the princess.” 

The father, the brothers, and the servants are all laughing. They don’t think very highly of Blockhead Hans. 

The father says: “You don’t have a chance with the princess. You are not noble and well-educated like your brothers. I’m not going to give you a horse.”

Blockhead Hans says: “That doesn’t matter. I’m going to ride my goat instead. He doesn’t care, and he can take me there.”

So, off all three brothers go heading for the castle. The two older brothers are rehearsing their speeches as they ride. They are looking very wise on their high horses. 

Blockhead Hans catches up on them and shouts: “Look what I found.”

And he pulls out a dead crow. The brothers shake their heads and laugh at him: “That is why you will never get the princess.” The brothers track the horses and arrive at the castle an hour before Blockhead Hans.

Blockhead Hans also finds a wooden shoe and some mud that he puts in his pockets on his way to the castle. He says to himself: “This will come in handy.”

The two elder brothers go and meet the princess one after the other. It is boiling in the audience hall. 

They both say: “It is boiling in here.”

The princess replies: “It is because we are frying roosters.”

And both of the noble, well-educated brothers blush and stutter. They don’t know what to say. The princess dismisses them both, one after the other. 

“No good, go away.”

Blockhead Hans arrives at the castle. He rides his goat straight into the audience hall. He feels the heat in the audience hall. And says just like his brothers did: “It is boiling in here.”

The princess replies: “It is because we are frying roosters.”

Blockhead Hans pulls out his dead crow. “That’s great. Maybe we can fry my dead crow with the roosters”.

The princess laughs and says: “I like you. You can answer for yourself. But we have a problem”, she continues. “We don’t have anything to fry it in.”

Blockhead Hans pulls out the wooden shoe and says: “no problem, we can use this one.”

The princess laughs again and asks: “But what about gravy?”

Blockhead Hans grabs the mud in his pockets and pulls it out: “we can use this delicious mud.”

Let me pause the story here.

On the surface, the two older brothers have it going for them. They are well educated, and they have the right looks. 

However, they freeze when faced with a challenge that didn’t fit with their fixed idea of how the situation with the princess would play out. In other words, they lack some essential qualities that Blockhead Hans possesses. 

Growth mindset

Blockhead Hans shows all the characteristics of a person with a winning mindset, “A Growth Mindset.” Here explained by the mindset guru Carol S. Dweck: 

“Love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning.”

Blockhead Hans not only loves the challenge and is flexible in his approach to the situation. He also believes that he will prevail – despite what other people are saying. He has empowering confidence in himself rather than a limiting belief. 

Also, he is not afraid to be innovative and break the “unwritten” rules. 

And most importantly, he has… 

The power of abundance

Rather than coming from lack, Blockhead Hans is coming from abundance. There is mud enough for everyone. 

I have found this power of abundance transformative in my own life. 

Earlier in my life, I had a lot of fear and negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts would fill my mind and color my vision. I found that what I was focusing on was what I attracted. 

It’s the law of attraction

Now I have entirely shifted that mindset around. Rather than having an attitude of scarcity, I have a mindset of abundance. There is enough of everything. 

There is enough air to breathe. There is an abundance of leaves in the trees. Birds are abundant.

What I found was. When I look for abundance, I find abundance. 

If I can, you can too. 

🔎 I challenge you to start looking for abundance in your daily life. 🔍

3 daily routines 

To develop and nurture a winning mindset for yourself, I encourage you to implement these 3 daily routines in your life today.

1.     Surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you. If you are surrounded by people who discourage you, don’t listen to them.  Only you know what is right for you. 

2.     Visualize the realization of your dreams daily. It is well-known that Top athletes use the power of visualization and guided imagery to improve their performance. A simple search in google scholar – Google search engine for scientific papers – shows 22.900 results to the phrase “proof of the power of visualization in sports.” Learn to visualize your success and do it daily.

3.     Raise your arms above your head and invite the abundance of the universe into your life. Open up your chest. Breathe in the abundance of air as you visualize your dreams being fulfilled and all your needs are being met.

If you apply these 3 daily routines in your life, you will start to benefit from the power of abundance. It is working wonders for me daily. And if it works for me, it will work for you. 

Here is to your success!

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