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Know how to gain competitive advantage using power principles of environment, range, and position

This is the second article in my series about applying concepts and principles from martial art in your copywriting. 

In this article, I will show you how to easily apply the principles of Environment, Range, and Position to attract prospects. Knowing how to use these principles will also grow your confidence. And you will gain competitive advantage compared to your competitors. 

If you think martial art is cool 😎 I promise you will get a kick out of this article. 

If you don’t like fights, I suggest you don’t read any further. This article is not for the fainthearted. 

Learning the hard way

I remember when I was first learning self-defense techniques. I would try to imitate the instructor. He would slowly be modeling a series of motions, done in a specific sequence. He called these different series of motion self-defense techniques. 

After some practice on our own, we would pair up. Trying this new self-defense technique on each other. Taking turns in repeating the same attack and the same defense over and over.

It looked and felt really good. I was gaining some mastery of applying these blocks and punches to defend myself.

But after a while, I began to realize that something was missing from this method of practicing self-defense. 

Sure. It did build up muscle memory. I became familiar with certain useful moves such as blocks, kicks, and punches. All useful moves to know in a combat situation.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was

Some of my realizations came as I started sparring with others. 

I didn’t know what type of attack they were going to throw at me. 

I learned the hard way that I had to put myself in a guard position and not lead with my chin. When I didn’t keep my face out of the way I ended up with a bloody nose. 

I also had to watch my distance. If I was too close, I would get hit. I also had to take into consideration the size of the opponent. If it was someone larger than me, I had to be quick on my feet and get out of range and out of the line of attack. If it was someone smaller than me, I had to watch my control. 

In reality, sparring helped me start applying the specific movements I had learned in the self-defense techniques more freely. I had to assess the situation and the nature of the attack on the fly. Based on the live assessment I had to pick a motion from my self-defense toolbox that could meet the attack and beat it with an appropriate follow-up.

But I still didn’t have words to describe precisely the true value of what I was learning. 

“Not a genie”

I met Mr. Scott Higgins at a seminar. Mr. Higgins trained day in and day out for years with the founder of American Kenpo, Mr. Parker. 

He asked me: 

“Have you noticed what happens in real combat situations?” 

I gave it some thought. I wasn’t quite sure what to answer.

He continued: 

“Does the opponent suddenly appear like a genie? Puuf?”

I laughed. 

“No, of course, not”. “Nothing happens in a vacuum” 

An episode from Tour de France

I suddenly remembered one time when I had watched the Tour de France on TV. Two of the bike riders got into an argument after they had crashed into each other. They were both really angry because their ride to victory had been so rudely interrupted. One of the bike riders threw his bike and walked over the rocky ground towards the other bike rider. The other guy got up on his feet. They were yelling at each other. And then after some shouting one of the angry bike riders took a swing. 

I continued the story about the bike riders:

“He threw a roundhouse punch with his thin biker arm. And you know what? The swing came from way back. The opponent had plenty of time to block the punch if he had known a little self-defense.” 

The bike rider obviously didn’t know self-defense. He got punched in the face. And then the Tour de France Security Officers got in and broke up the fight.

Mr. Higgins said. 

“This is a great story to illustrate the principles of environment, range, and position.”

He continued: 

“Environment is what is in, on, and around you. Both before and under the actual time of the attack. Range is about your distance to your opponent. And Position is where your body parts are at. This will determine what you can actually do to defend yourself in a real combat situation.”

This was a real AHA moment for me. It gave me the language to describe more precisely what happens before, during, and after any given combat situation. And it put me on the path to think more deeply about how I could begin to apply this new awareness myself.

Environment, Range, Position in Kenpo

My curiosity was awakened. Mr. Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo has written 5 volumes in his series of Infinite Insights into Kenpo. In volume 5 Mental & Physical Applications Parker writes: 

 “… total awareness of all environmental conditions… overall surroundings… objects… articles…; your health, your mental condition, etc. – all of which can work for or against you. More often than not, environmental conditions can dictate the strategy, direction, or methods you pursue or apply in combat.” (Ed Parker, Mental & Physical Applications, p. 55-56)

This approach to environment assessing surroundings will inspire your strategy. And including health and mental conditions makes these principles applicable to a broader range of situations. Not only in martial arts.

About Range Mr. Parker says:  

“Whatever the choice it is wise to make distance become your ally. Try to remember that if an attacker cannot reach you, (providing he has no weapons), because of the strategic positions created by you, he cannot hurt you.” (Ed Parker, Mental & Physical Applications, p. 56)

Another AHA-moment! Make distance my ally! This is useful knowledge in all types of situations including marketing.

And finally, Mr. Parker explains about Position:

“Position is your third order of SELF-DEFENSE TECHNIQUE priority. This involves the POSITION of your body just before, or during the time of combat.” (Ed Parker, Mental & Physical Applications, p. 56)

This gave me another big idea. How do I position myself through my writing? Am I alert and confident? How do I appear to my readers?

Know, like & trust

And then it dawned on me. 

Your clients and ideal prospects need to know YOU! People relate to people. Are you presenting your service and product in an environment where your prospects can find you and get to know you? 

Are you within range for them to know what you have to offer? 

Are you positioning yourself in a way that clearly shows how you can add value to their life? Once your clients know you, you are in a position to build like and trust. 

And KNOW, LIKE & TRUST is essential in any consultant-client relationship. It is really that simple!

3 simple steps to apply Environment, Range, Position to grow your K-L-T factor

This is how you can begin to utilize the principles of environment, Range, and Position to gain confidence and competitive advantage in your copywriting. You can assess your own marketing material by asking yourself these questions:

1.     ENVIRONMENT is how your client gets to KNOW you: 

a.     What is the environment where you sell your service? Is it online? 

b.    Are you noticeable or is your service hiding in a secret corner of the great wide web? 

c.     What do your successful competitors do to present their services? What medium, message and channels do they use to attract their ideal prospects? What can you learn from them?

2.     RANGE is how your client gets to LIKE you: 

a.     Are you in range of your target audience? Do they know you exist?

b.    Are you connected with your target audience? 

c.     Are you showing your target audience what you have to offer? 

3.     POSITION is how your client gets to TRUST you: 

a.     Are you coming from a position of power and abundance or are you coming from a position of lack and fear? Are you feeling like an imposter when you put yourself out there? Or are you putting yourself out there on a regular and consistent basis with confidence? 

b.    Are you showing your target audience the amazing benefits your service or product has for them? Do you show them how your service or product can change their life for the better? 

c.     Do you consistently deliver what you promise and more? Making your clients your ambassadors? 

If you consider how these questions apply to your marketing material, I promise that you will present yourself with much more confidence. Being visible to your clients and coming from abundance will give you a competitive advantage. You will gain freedom because you will attract the right prospects. And delivering consistent high-quality content will make your clients carry the message of your amazing service and continue to increase your KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor.

I would be thrilled to help you be your best version of yourself as your copy coach. 

About Sophie H Higgins, MA, MBA, MBC: I’m a freelance copywriter, professional speaker, philosophical business coach, and martial artist. I specialize in providing high-quality content and in helping people and businesses grow. Need a copywriting magician? 🧙‍♀️ 📖 ⚡As a copywriter and business coach, I can help you and your consulting business achieve your goals.

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